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Nokia Partner in Argentina will invest $ 1.5 million in plant testing Lumia 620 and 920

Nokia Partner in Argentina will invest $ 1.5 million in plant testing Lumia 620 and 920

The activity of assembly, manufacture and distribution of technology based in the province of has required a great contribution of local partners to its current consolidation. These companies are in many cases companies already based in the southern province or expanded and diversified its product portfolio by integrating electronics, primarily smartphones and cell phones.

In this segment of partner companies operating large international brands, is IATEC (Southern Industrial Technology) belonging to Group Mirgor local partner Finland’s Nokia. The company reported that in addition to invest some U.S. $ 5 million to expand its plant in Rio Grande, also allocated $ 1.5 million to set up a quality testing laboratory of the Lumia 620 and 920 smartphones.

This is because the Lumia 620 and 920 are certified for high-level quality and manufacturing 4G connections estimated nearly 4 million units annually hoping to get local partners Nokia, will require adequate testing of each unit that leaves the assembly line.

If you are from Argentina and you decide on one of two models of Nokia, you leave the links to the excellent reviews of the 620 and 920 , made ​​by the team Wayerless.

Link: Mirgor announced investments in Tierra del Fuego for $ 5 million (Ministry of Industry)

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