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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Cameras, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Nokia patents a photo sensor graphene

Nokia patents a photo sensor graphene

Personally, I like technology. However, having to walk with a pocket computer which simulates a second knee glued to my leg is not something that I feel very proud. The good news is that Nokia seem to have understood how good this was a big problem, and already working on solving the problem of the size of their … all thanks to graphene .

Finland has received a patent for a sensor that uses layers sensitive to light instead of conventional technology to achieve – especially in the realm of the potential – an excellent performance in low light. This is because the structures of graphene are absurdly small, and are based on a thin layer of atoms. Nokia patents a photo sensor graphene image 2

According to this patent, these layers may be superposed on each other, and thus be used to capture the primary colors effectively.

Of course, this results in that the width of the phones we carry this kind of sensor is much smaller, making them less complicated to put in your pocket and offering new possibilities in terms of design. Moreover, in theory, would be cheaper to manufacture. Win-Win.

Graphene is far from a material used on a massive scale, but it is clear that its application to technological processes will open new possibilities and we get anxious about when they can be used on a large scale … Oh, and – incidentally – the Finnish legal shield against any threat on the subject. We are all witnesses, they did it first.

Link: After PureView, what’s next frontier for Nokia imaging?

How about photo-sensors based graphene (Unwired View)

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