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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Nokia phone with Windows 8 will be unveiled in September

Nokia phone with Windows 8 will be unveiled in September

There are reports that indicate that we could see the new models of in little over a month.

The Nokia World 2012 is a few months to be carried out, and that means that the company is to reveal the first phone with Windows 8, in fact we could see the new models of Nokia on September 5.

It is likely that these teams are called Lumia and 920, to confuse people with new and take advantage of the popularity (short or long) that Lumia are already on the market. On the big differences that will have these models with respect to those already Jan the market, we have no knowledge about it.

About PureView, seems not to show any new technology is that some reports indicate that much innovation for today’s computers (even with Windows and the first model still runs on Symbian.

For the sake of hope that the new Nokia phones have amazing qualities and a striking design that can compete on price and performance with its competitors’ phones, we know that there are many fans out there but Nokia also know that Windows 7 has disappointed the somewhat.

Link: Nokia Windows Phone 8 slated for September. 5 reveal (Know your Cell)

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