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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Equipments, Rumors | 0 comments

Nokia prepares a third Lumia with Windows Phone 8

Nokia prepares a third Lumia with Windows Phone 8

(CC) amanda_moore

The Finnish company is preparing a third device Lumia line to be the next Microsoft operating system for mobile, Windows Phone 8. The phone is codenamed ‘Atlas’ and will be virtually identical to your midrange’ Arrow ‘, to which is added the model’ Phi ‘, whose front panel already leaked a week ago and will be quite similar to the Lumia 900 .

That if the models ‘Phi’ and ‘Arrow’ has a tentative release date of September 5 in a joint meeting of with Microsoft in New York, while the new model ‘Atlas’ debut by year’s end in a date to be determined.

Also it is clear that they are codenames that Nokia uses in its development, which are likely to be modified when they go on sale, and these differences are due to exclusive contracts with U.S. carrier, since the model ‘Phi’ will be exclusive to AT & T for a few months, the ‘Arrow’ will be with AT & T and T-Mobile, while the ‘Atlas’ launch at Verizon.

All tokens Nokia to regain its place in the world of cell phones are put into Windows Phone 8, now just wait and see how sales will be the new line Lumia.

Link: Nokia prepping Windows Phone 8 third device (KnowYourCell)

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