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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Not all bad … iOS 7 has some interesting things

Not all bad ... iOS 7 has some interesting things

Yes, yes … I know. I am also disappointed.

And yes … I have given enough to 7 and with good reason. Change can be denial, or simply the inconsistencies and inspirations that we found in our analysis in different simply make many – myself included – believe that Apple’s mobile operating system simply lost its identity completely.

Peeeero not all bad. In fact, leaving aside the questionable aesthetic improvements, there are three interesting things I want to point and that I liked of this future evolution will inevitably fall all iOS devices.

Blocking unwanted calls

It could do with apps, but that is now integrated into the operating system makes it easy to use and far less prone to failure compared with certain third-party apps that I use when I’m with an iPhone.

Swipe to go back a menu

Not available in all OS, but if you were using a Nokia N9 or BlackBerry Z10 will be familiar to slide your finger from left to right to go back on some menus. That same was implemented in and – believe me – makes it much easier and intuitive navigation buttons back if removed.

If they steal your phone, you can not reactivate

Since the world began, I know many people who have stolen your iPhone from the most ridiculous and gimmicky possible. Is that the team is very tempting to thieves, because for them it is easy to resell, gives interesting and also earnings – in some places – it’s easy to reactivate in another operator. Well, that could get away with iOS 7 thanks to a feature that will prevent its reactivation even if the computer is deleted, so you will have to sell a nice paperweight designed by Jony Ive. To function will have to activate it with your iCloud credentials … no easy task.


It’s a good start to start looking on the bright side of iOS 7. And considering that this mess embodied in the Beta 1 could get to change over time, expectations of successive improvements in the following versions are more credible.

You found something you liked? Do not hesitate to share with us.

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