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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Note prepare your Samsung Galaxy II to announce at IFA 2012

Note prepare your Samsung Galaxy II to announce at IFA 2012

is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Mixture of modernity and tradition with noticeable marks left by the wars in this country, which fought in the first half of the twentieth century. Each year, this location is the world capital of technology through in this place is done in late August, the Internationale Funkausstellung, known globally as IFA.

At this fair, from a time now, lots of exhibitors gather to display their brand new for the second half, making it an ideal showcase to display their most powerful gaming launches global connotation. Maybe that’s why it made sense to us for some time – and what we will – that Samsung would release its new version of Galaxy at this time.

It is expected that prior to the start of the IFA, Samsung made the announcement of what will be the reincarnation of a saga that surprised by the good decision that was in the audience. Personally, I never had faith, I always thought that 5.3 inches was too much and that its format would not be accepted by people. After more than 7 million units sold, was clearly wrong.

And the new Galaxy Note could be even larger. 5.5 inch screen abultariĀ­a not team size by integrating edges almost nonexistent, 12MP camera – do not believe this – and a slightly more powerful processor that included the Galaxy S III sound more consistently among the rumors that surround the possible arrival of the new Samsung smartphone, tablet.

What do you expect the second version of this team? We hear all bets.

Link: Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note II to be Shown off at IFA Berlin next month (IntoMobile)

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