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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Obama and Romney launch mobile applications for presidential campaigns

Obama and Romney launch mobile applications for presidential campaigns

not only go down in history as another president of the United States but also as one of the candidates who turned to technology and social networks in one of his main weapons to reach as many citizens of their country and the world, and even win elections.

All actions during the campaign that led to the presidency has become study material in universities and seminaries, as shown in the power of online communication and collaborative work to achieve a goal.

With only three months for a new polls, the two leading candidates, Barack Obama and launched their for smartphones, those intended to facilitate access to information of their constituents by providing information, chips to become a volunteer, voter lists and surveys.

“Obama for America” is the application that the current president will deploy all their successful experience in internet and social networks so that their followers can register to vote, do surveys, volunteered to join the Democratic Party and viralizar those contained in the social networks.

At the moment only available for (Apple) but it was announced that in a few days you can download the version for Android.

The Republican candidate Mitt Romney offers a “secret news” as bait for those who download the application, as outlined, would be the name of the vice presidential candidate to accompany Romney on the presidential ticket.

It has similar characteristics to that of Obama with only two differences: now available for and iPhone OS, and is much more popular than Obama, then the blooper that made the candidate last May when it launched its personal application “With Mitt” , where it appeared the word “America” in the phrase “A Better America” written as “Amercia” .

Besides these applications, the state of Washington allows voters to register on Facebook to participate in the on November 6.

Link: Obama and Romney launch apps for their presidential campaigns (Infobae)

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