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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Internet | 0 comments

On average, mobile internet users use 2GB a month

On average, mobile internet users use 2GB a month

Many companies worldwide limited or are limiting the ability to download data in mobile Internet plans in the United States including Verizon and AT & T have plans monthly rent where for about $30 or $40 you get 4GB Internet at month AT & T not good, they are crazy and you get 300MB for $10, but overall, their voice and data breads go for those prices. In Mexico for about $45 you get of internet use and 60 minutes of calls a month.

This has caused discomfort among cell phone users is that knowing that you used to have unlimited internet and now, it feels like a robbery, an outrage. But it turns out that a study by the NPD Group shows that in general, regular users consume an average of per month.

The sample for this study was taken with 1000 Android phones that had installed an application that half the amount of data sent and received (that is planned in the coming months additional results are obtained with iPhone users).

Even with unlimited data plans, users more “hungry” had an average of 3GB, these being young audiences as teenagers and young adults. Another fact that is not surprising is that even when access to unlimited data, now many users are starting to use Wi-Fi networks more often.

Are you satisfied with your data plan or think you could use more GB?

Link: Shared data plans may not be so bad: Average smartphone owners use less than 2GB of dat a (Boy Genious Report)

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