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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Companies, Curiosities, Equipments, Operating Systems | 0 comments

Only two Chinese waited for the iPhone 5

Only two Chinese waited for the iPhone 5

Chinos are many, but not for the iPhone 5. The announced release of the latest stem in barely managed to motivate two fanboys who waited opening of the Apple Store in Beijing to take over the phone. Back in the golden years that turned everyday stampedes. Apple is ceasing to amaze.

Analysts have said: China is becoming indifferent to the subtle advances of Apple. The real innovations need is being felt in Cupertino downturns in the stock market and, more simply, in the hope to buy equipment.

Given that China is the most populated country in the world, have only two doors souls awaiting the store opening at eight o’clock Friday morning was disappointed for a company without Steve Jobs among us, it would appear little by little of its luster.

But why does not the if the iPhone 4S there were hundreds of people waiting? The improvements of the new model are really few compared with the expectation of the people, besides being a contradiction to that until now had been the star of Apple approach: the size of the iPhone is not touched.

But all is not really that bad. When launching the iPhone 4S in China caused several accidents multitudinous, the company decided to implement an online reservation system that has reduced the presence in physical stores. Maybe that’s why in the first half hour of opening the store at the time of launch, only about ten people went for the iPhone 5.

In contrast, online reservations exceeded 300,000 in the first week of pre-order in China, which can be understood that the iPhone 5 is not the most sought after by the Chinese, but it is rejected.

Why do you think that there were more people waiting to be the first to get the new phone from Apple?

Link: Only two people wait for iPhone 5 launch at Beijing Apple Store. (PC Advisor)

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