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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance]

Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance]

When thought about creating a mobile operating system had in mind to create, really, an open operating system, based on HTML5 and where you could create any application in the same language. is on paper a great idea open, free, available to any manufacturer who wants to use and specially designed to make the tasks of a mobile as simple as possible.

Movistar, long interested in developing an operating system has seen an opportunity to Firefox OS, as far as possible, fighting duopoly iOS and Android. Together with have decided to start with a low-end smartphone, for people seeking their first phone that does more than Basci tasks as calling or texting. Thus was born the ZTE Open with Firefox OS, the first smartphone of this class to be offered for sale to the general public focus.

You start with a mindset that this is a device you’ve never had a smartphone in hand, the first surprise is that it does not weigh much, you can hold in one hand without problem and that what you see is what have a 3.5 inch screen, 3MP camera on a small size terminal, especially when you put it near virtually any other smartphone on the market.

Open ZTE The key is the price to 69 € now in in Spain. For about 69 € you can get more of what you’re seeing, a device with limited hardware and features that are now too small for any other operating system. But for a person who wants to have their first contact with a smartphone would you should worry that?

But this is at first glance, the first contact with the mobile and the initial result is not very good. Forget the technical characteristics, applications forget, forget Movistar, Mozilla, ZTE or any company, what it feels like to use for the first time this ZTE Open? Slowness.


Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance] image 2

The touch screen has a painful tactile feedback that makes any button is pressed on an odyssey when in a corner, or the operating system’s response, I remember being in its first official release, for example when browsing with Firefox, pages Wayerless take a long time to load and when you try to scroll, the answer is bad and a very strange lag.

We found more problems when we write a message, the keyboard does not respond well to finish the beats.


Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance] image 3

Firefox OS in itself seems to me an operating system for its first version may be interesting. To unlock the terminal can be scrolled to the right where we installed applications, but to slip to the left we find the adaptive search of applications, surely one of the best ideas that integrates Firefox OS. In this section you can search for anything on the Internet, such as the name of a person or a city.

If for example we “San Francisco” we find information from Wikipedia, links to tourist items, weather in Yahoo! or Google Maps. All icons are displayed as round, that pressing take you to a web page but that by doing a long press allows you to integrate it as an application.


Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance] image 4

There are two types of applications available for Firefox OS, which are just links to web pages tailored for mobile or that are packaged and allow you to access the phone memory. Not very well know which is which when looking apps in Marketplace.

Most of them are simply links to services or websites adapted to a mobile version or mobile version special, like the Twitter application that is installed by default.

We can not help noticing a significant lack of a messaging application moderately used. WhatsApp is not, Line is not, in the absence, there is not a chat application Tuenti social network owned by Telefonica which is perhaps what they are most interested.


Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance] image 5

With a 3-megapixel sensor can not do much more to do basic photos and videos. The image size is 1600 x 1200 pixels with a resolution is not very good, its sensor is very simple and does not give much more of himself, and no ability to zoom. This is an example of a photo at full resolution with this device.

Cheap, slow and half-finished

Open with Firefox OS ZTE [at first glance] image 6

It is not a final conclusion, but definitely the first impression is not exactly good. Never mind that this is your first phone or your first smartphone, when you encounter problems from the start and you have to ask if “this is normal in their behavior,” something is wrong.

I fully understand the reason and purpose of the existence of Firefox OS, is a first attempt to a low range which is dominated by Android devices that are not large terminals are also slow, with poor and small screens, but are more expensive. Firefox OS shows very green, almost in beta for some applications and features (lack of predictive dictionary, inability to select, copy and paste text …).

The need for a new operating system in the current mobile ecosystem is not very clear, especially taking Windows Phone as the third operating system, BlackBerry 10 or even Nokia Asha basic terminals. Firefox OS has potential, but installed on a device with a better response and updates that fix basic problems.

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