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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Equipments, Games, Operating Systems | 0 comments

Ouya, console with Android

Ouya, console with Android

Video games on a console? Android? Ouya. Conducted with funding from several partners through Kickstarter, the little is now available for developers turn their ingenuity 1200 in it.

Is it a competitor for Xbox or something similar? No. It is simply a new way to experience games designed to enhance its impact and gameplay. Almost any app made for Google’s operating system can run with “benefits” in this new computer without stopping too much on consoles aspects of life, as can large graphics or animated productions.

Here a video of the junk in question:

could increase, for example, the value of the Angry Birds to play with his command. The cost is $ 99 and, if all goes as expected, may be purchased from April 2013.

Note that this project was launched in July through and received support from countless people even got more than $ 8 million in funding for its construction … You have a great idea you would like to pursue with the help of many people or think more in a major sponsor? How about this console with Android?

Link: Kickstarter phenom starts shipping Ouya game consoles for devs. (GigaOM)

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