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Over 10% of the collection of Obama and Romney campaign was made from mobiles

Over 10% of the collection of Obama and Romney campaign was made from mobiles

(Cc) flickr DavidErickson

A few hours after finishing the U.S. election, met thousands of data related to the use of digital media and technology tools, something that current President re-elected and became their main weapon to align forces and global set a precedent the use of social networks for political activism.

In the U.S., the economic contributions to candidates are permitted, so often referred to, in large measure, the amount of each candidate used during his campaign.

According to the report by the Pew Research consultant, this year, after the approval of the Federal Election Commission for the first time were allowed to contribute to political through text messages, and mobile applications.

Raising campaigns to hit a record high of U.S. $ 6 billion, of which 13% of donors have contributed via text message or mobile phone application.

Democrats had more opportunities to use these devices because Obama has a permanent campaign implementation among its members, and were those who most contributed through this medium. The Republicans chose services phone call or SMS.

Undoubtedly, every day mobile technology and social networks contribute more strongly to the political processes anywhere in the world, increasingly promoting greater citizen participation.

Link: Presidential Campaign Donations in the Digital Age (PewResearchCenter)

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