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Pageviews per 100 through a U.S. iPad and Canada, other tablets are 14.75

Pageviews per 100 through a U.S. iPad  and Canada, other tablets are 14.75

While Internet traffic of non-iPad has been growing in recent years, the iconic Apple device continues to lead the way with some pretty impressive figures: “For every 100 pageviews through an iPad, other tablets have 14 , 75, “said Gabe Donnini, Chitika engineer (one pageview is when a browser loads a page completely).

The company launched its advertising and analytics market update for tablets December 2012 , which shows that “87% of traffic through tablets in North America is generated by an iPad.” It should be noted that these figures do not include the Christmas season, as they were collected only between 8 and 14 December in the U.S. and Canada.

Of the non-iPad tablets, the busiest for surfing the Internet has been the Kindle with 4.25% of the traffic generated by tablets. They follow the line of Galaxy tablets from Samsung, with 3.04 pageviews per 100 made through an iPad.

Overall, for every 100 pageviews made with the Apple tablet, there were about 9 with devices (discarding the Kindle. Reaches 14 if you add the Amazon tablet). For its part, Microsoft Surface, to be released quite recently, only came to 0.22 pageviews per 100 iPad.

Link: For every 100 web page views on an iPad, a Kindle gets 5 to Galaxy gets 3, and a Surface gets 0.22 (Venture Beat)

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