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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Accessories | 0 comments

Pebble arrives at Best Buy stores in the U.S.

Pebble arrives at Best Buy stores in the U.S.

Yes, many of us are still waiting for our orders made after the announcement at CES about openness to online orders. But the people behind does not seem to care much about that and decided to open physical stores sales to over the United States.

This might sound like a disappointment considering that no plans have been announced intent to comply with their orders in the first instance, but still is good because this way will strengthen its presence in the market for a more user friendly way for the general public .

The team will have the same price we used to see in online stores – USD $ 149.99 – and available now … By the same token, if you plan a trip to the United States, or have the option of buying remotely for not paying absurd prices and descriteriados resale, it may be a good choice to jump on the bandwagon of smart watches, a segment in which all manufacturers seem to have something to say about it. Mind you, that now you can only order them via the Internet, and the limit is one per person.

Link: Pebble smartwatch makes retail debut, now shipping from Best Buy (The Verge)

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