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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Games, Updates | 0 comments

Pink Bird and da war in Angry Birds Seasons for IOS

Pink Bird and da war in Angry Birds Seasons for IOS

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to see in action Bird, the pretty and awesome girl who joins the battle against evil pigs in the latest installment of Seasons for entitled “Back to School”.

In this update, which currently is only available for terminals on the block, kids Rovio introduced 20 new levels and the possibility of using the new signing of the game: Pink Bird, the tender that comes assembled to eliminate bubbles the threat posed by pigs steal eggs.

In this chapter, the Angry Birds fight against the pigs that are being “educated”, or rather “trained” in the art of stealing eggs to eat.

Pink Bird jumps into the ring at some stage of the game, allowing us to destroy the green pigs more easily because every time it lands deploys air pumps that lift the various elements of the stage, even the pigs themselves, that they take a fall good shot which destroys them. Rather than speaking of it, it is best to see Pink Bird in action:

What do you think the novelty of the Angry Birds? While many believe that these versions are merely an effort “desperate” for Rovio to prolong the success they have brought angry birds, there are still many people hooked on the game in question … is that like everything else, likes the colors , right?

Angry Bird Seasons (iTunes)
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