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President of Telefónica says that governments were hostages of Telmex Mexico

President of Telefónica says that governments were hostages of Telmex Mexico

Francisco Gil Diaz, president of Telefonica Movistar in Mexico, accused the country’s previous government had not given Aztec opening to in the field of telecommunications, since in their view, took the baton always the dominant player : the Carlos Slim’s company.

“Governments so far had been captured by the dominant player (within telecommunications). That happened so far, but it does not happen anymore “, said Gil Diaz during a panel discussion focused on discussing the reform of in Mexico, where he also said once that the only competition was limited to open the international long distance market.

Also, another former Secretary of Finance and Public Credit for the government of Vicente Fox, said that the current administration, led by President Enrique Pena Nieto, “for the first time convinced that we need competition in the market”, so be said confidently that reform will increase investment in telecommunications and lower costs for consumers.

Before holding office in the Fox administration, where he remained six years, Gil Diaz also served as director of Avantel phone company, where they constantly went to the Federal Competition Commission said, to seek equal treatment with respect to Telmex, but added that the federal agency always ruled in favor of the company led by Carlos Slim.

The telecommunications reform in seeks to end anti-competitive practices in the sector and more efficiently manage the bidding of concessions for radio, television and telephony. One of the main guidelines is in the creation of a Federal Telecommunications Institute independent federal government is responsible for enforcing the rules and foster competition.

Link: Governments in Mexico were hostages of Telmex: Gil Diaz (Daily Finance)

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