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Prices and plans of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Argentina

Prices and plans of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Argentina

We had to wait until June to have one of the world’s most desirable smartphones in Argentina. Two months after its global launch, the S4 and stepped on Argentine territory, and a matter of weeks to begin to see the first in the street.

As they had announced local manufacturers and operators, and besides being available for presale, equipment stocks are also released in appliance stores.

According to a statement from the electronics chain Garbarino, through service telephone sales already have 100 units of initial stock of S4 released in white and black at a price (reported by telephone) of AR $ 7,499 (U.S. $ 1,415), although to communicate, we are informed that the sale is to deliver at some unspecified time in June and direct delivery. In local stock have not actual product.

In local operators Claro and Personal struggles began and positioned through the pre-booked (no contractual obligation to purchase) of any of the units available and plans for the most high performance. Movistar reported that matter of days will the offered system.

If you are looking for money, the best deal is currently in pre-presented course . There are 150 units for initial booking to AR $ 3,999 (U.S. $ 755) with a plan to AR $ 200 (U.S. $ 38) per month.

Prices and plans of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Argentina image 2

Staff also enabled the online presale Galaxy S4 , at a price of AR $ 4,499 (U.S. $ 849) with a plan to AR $ 299 (U.S. $ 56). This promotion gift includes wireless video adapter All Share Cast Dongle (which was already available to S3), and that is achieved separately about AR $ 800 (U.S. $ 151). According to information on the site presale, 1000 units are available until June 13.

Prices and plans of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Argentina image 3

It is expected that the S3, which currently sells at a price of AR $ lower its current price of AR $ 3,799 (U.S. $ 716) to not be so close to his older brother, although this could also hurt (for users to define their purchase price and no benefit) to S3 mini , just launched in Argentina.

If you have not decided, I leave the link to the review of the Galaxy S4 luxury by Jonathan, Hugo and his team.

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