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Project seeks anyone to send SMS to aliens

Project seeks anyone to send SMS to aliens

An initiative called Lone Signal (Signal Lonely) promises to be the first massive and ongoing experiment a practice known as METI (Messages for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which is to send messages to the universe to expect some alien civilization reach and to inform them where we are.

The innovation is that Lone Signal is a message designed by great minds such as Carl Sagan to inform our existence to possible extraterrestrial friends (because you should always ask to be friendly), but open Internet portal through which you can send text and images to the world, accompanied by the position of the Earth, sketches of the periodic table and the definition of the hydrogen atom in binary code.

“There has never been a situation where any of the face of the earth to try to communicate with the cosmos, and we’re giving them that ability. Anyone can transmit messages strategically selected star systems, “said Dr. Jacob Haqq Misra, director of the project.

To send the message, the project leased for 30 years a huge radio before the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel, California, which at the time was used to capture and transmit images of Apollo 11 when he reached the Moon.

What would you like to communicate to any intelligent life is out there?

Lone Signal
Searching for Alien Life, One Text at a Time (Bloomberg)

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