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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Queen Elizabeth II also has its own tablet: A Galaxy Note 10.1

Queen Elizabeth II also has its own tablet: A Galaxy Note 10.1

It’s not something that could be considered as one of the “crown jewels”, but I’m sure more than one would like to have the new toy of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Yes, because His Majesty has received a Note 10.1 and its Real.

But think beyond playing Angry Birds Queen, watching James Bond movies or some application to move in the Tube, this tablet is equipped with shortcuts for consumption of content – text, videos and pics – related progress last 60 years, while Elizabeth II carries in his reign. This material was sent by over 37,000 people from 66 different countries, totaling about 150GB of data, but only 60 made the cut moments were preloaded editorial and for the enjoyment of HRH

Among the materials chosen are memories of Alan Turing, a rap about herself and memories of people who migrated to the UK and subsequently have become successful.

Notably who developed this program to access information not thinking Real generate this based on a Note 10.1. In interviews said that they wanted to do this on an iPad, but after talks with Apple and ended up leaning for the latter option.

The equipment will be kept at the Windsor Castle, and be part of the royal collection of items, which include an extensive collection of PCs and data storage elements, which are part of his legacy to his successors.

Link: Tablet computer added to Queen’s Royal Collection (BBC)

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