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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Quickoffice free with Google Drive for iPad now available, but not all

Quickoffice free with Google Drive for iPad now available, but not all

When bought for some time now, we all hoped that at some point this office suite compatible with multiple tools for other developers – cough, cough … Hi Microsoft, hello Apple – would become the client’s own solutions would land the big G multiple computers previously supported by this software … And, well, still not being well, but somehow begins to approach.

Google announced the distribution of a free version of QuickOffice for iPad, which will work perfectly with all those customers who paid for the use of tools for business of this company. This will give these users a powerful option to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all integrated seamlessly with Google Drive to store all this content in ‘the cloud’ and access it from another computer to continue working with all the freedom of the world.

This puts the – Google’s hand – a step closer to the functions that boasts the Microsoft Surface, which incorporates both RT in its Word, Excel and PowerPoint to work full integrated into SkyDrive, and offers a economic alternative to Apple’s office suite for iOS.

One of the main problems that Google had in his office suite was its poor conversion complex file formats and with a little more demanding, which has been resolved in good shape in this new version of QuickOffice drawing on the experience that has to improve this. Now the files created by third party software will retain almost all the information that is usually lost, making it much easier to transfer data to the cloud and quick editing of documents.

is now available on the for users who qualify in the use requirements imposed by Google. If not, you can buy the paid version for $ 7.99.

Link: Quickoffice – Exclusively for Google Apps for Business (App Store)

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