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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Recharge your phone wirelessly with a solar charger as bonsai

Recharge your phone wirelessly with a solar charger as bonsai

chargers are the rage today. At the end of the day, the coveted 4 and Google Nexus phones Nokia Lumia 920 have this ability to be recharged without wires.

For people with devices that can be recharged by induction with standard Qi, a project on Kickstarter called electree +, originally created in 2008 by French designer Vivien Muller, promises to recharge their phones using solar power with a design quite futuristic as a bonsai tree.

While still in the stage of raising funds through crowdfunding page, wireless can already pre-order at $ 199. The team behind electree + looking to get at least 1,000 pre or raise $ 200,000 to begin mass manufacture.

The charger has two USB ports and a 14,000 mAh internal battery that when fully filled can recharge an iPhone 5 to nine times. The 27 solar panels that emulate the leaves of the trees are adjustable to capture more light, and the internal battery can be recharged in about 36 hours of direct sunlight (if only enough for about 4 hours to recharge a common smartphone).

Link: The Electree +, A Solar-Powered, Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Hits Kickstarter (TechCrunch)

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