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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Reduce your back pain with application to monitor posture

Reduce your back pain with application to monitor posture

(C) LUMOback

There are many accessories for cell phones to our attention, either because of their design and utility , as being rightfully stupid . One of the latest developments would LUMOback , a device created by Lumo BodyTech and consists of a band that is placed around the waist to monitor our body posture.

The accessory you do not massage or injected morphine, but promises you reduce back pain reminding you to stay up straight because it vibrates when one bends. It also connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone to get your posture monitoring during the course of the day.

To finance the product, Lumo BodyTech already managed to perform a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised U.S. $ 200,503 over a goal of $ 100,000, plus recently raised $ 5 million in a financing round of Serie A. It is expected that the first orders already available in mid-January, where each LUMOback cost $ 149.

Link: Start-Up Behind Lumoback Posture-Monitoring Gadget Raises $ 5M (All Things D)

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