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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Security | 0 comments

Reported serious security flaws that allow 3G networks track your phone

Reported serious security flaws that allow 3G networks track your phone

It is even possible to track the movements of a building into a telephone connected to any 3G.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham with the Technical University of Berlin conducted a study unveiled serious flaws in the codes that connect your phone to networks, which allow anyone to track your location accurately without find.

The attack is made with a femtocell rooteada (sort of hotspot for networks) and a second person to help identify the device specifically for hacking.

In one instance, the attacker can force mobile devices to reveal its TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identifier, Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity), assuming that the number is known IMSI (International Subscriber Identity to a mobile, International Mobile Subscriber Identity) .

In another, the attacker can get the AKA (retro-response mechanism in UMTS networks, Authentication and Key Agreement) of a specific phone, because when sending a request to all cell phones in a distance, everyone responds with synchronization issues except attacked the phone, immediately distinguishing, even allowing to track movements indoors (The Dark Knight?? Nolan was right?) .

While such attacks require high technical knowledge and be physically close to the victim, also require equipment that are easy to get, so perfectly could develop tools to simplify the process to be used easily by almost anyone .

The researchers said that six months ago and warned of these faults to relevant agencies such as 3GPP , but still not solved. The team will provide more details about these problems in the ACM Conference on Computer Security and Privacy in Mobile and October 16 in Raleigh.

Link: 3G Security Flaw Could Let Anyone Track Your Phone (Mashable)

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