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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Returns the controversy over the U.S. spy Huawei

Returns the controversy over the U.S. spy Huawei

A month ago it was said that and could be a threat to the internal security of the United States and although the matter, which in turn raised a cloud of dust was settled , a new statement has been made to relate back to Huawei with the word “espionage”.

It is said by Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce of China, without apparent rhyme or said in a statement this week: “Can you imagine if China began to ask U.S. companies to come to the country details of their relationship was with the Democratic or Republican? It would be a disaster. “

The statement, which made a great noise in the network the phrase “America has Cold War mentality,” came just in the days when Barack Obama rose for the second straight and the American presidency, but so far has not transcended, it is quite likely that during the week told by Deming have some impact, especially since almost becomes an anti-Chinese suspected stating “If you see me as a Trojan Horse and how do you expect me see you? “

The question now is: What do you think interest has put China in Huawei in U.S. spying? What would U.S. interest in doing the same in China? Do you think that these statements were necessary one month after the issue was resolved?

Link: China derides U.S. “Cold War mentality” towards telecoms firm Huawei. (MoneyControl)

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