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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Featured, Reviews | 0 comments

Review: iOS 6

Review: iOS 6

A month of knowing that their development had begun and after trying all of iOS6 Beta’s, I believe that I am in optimal conditions to relate my experience with the new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile.

For many, myself included, this new version of Apple’s OS leaves everyone a little taste indeed like many other bloggers, I would call in iOS 5.5, which is all part iOS6 would have had iOS 5 since its launch.

Greatly surprised that iOS6 launch, Apple has decided to support the iPhone 3G [S], which we had never seen and usually every generation iPhone only came to support three different versions of the OS

Briefly review all the improvements brought about iOS5 iOS6 and see that “such novelty” brings this new version.

Home Screen

Review: iOS 6 image 2

When looking at the home screen does not envision major developments except: Eliminating the YouTube app and the presence of passbook, a kind of electronic wallet which more later.

Small changes in Pictures

Review: iOS 6 image 4

There are some small changes in the Photos application. For example now streaming photos can not only be associated with your account, but you can also make a shared photo streaming, suppose that journalists who cover events and know to take advantage of this feature. Furthermore photos streaming allows a very “private social network” where participants are your friends and they can comment on the photos and give “like”.

Another small change is to add an album directly and not have to put all the photos in “reel”.

Changes in camera

Review: iOS 6 image 5

For obvious reasons I have no iPhone 5, but a 4S and into the new features present is being able to pan the camera. This could be done muuuuuucho time ago with third party applications, however newly available natively in iOS 6. Those with an iPhone 4 may not enjoy this feature because Apple simply would not include it, probably if you can activate Jailbreak.


Review: iOS 6 image 6

With the transition of Apple iOS5 iOS6 tried to rid the most of the elements present in iOS Google. In iOS5 iOS6 unlike present maps are not Google, but are from Open Street Map, maps that in my case I hate with all my being, and it is because if, but when I can not enjoy Chileno “of these benefits “that Apple publicist and is more Chile maps are outdated and in poor resolution.

I know that they are outdated is a serious charge, but I have and explain. The house where I’m living now, was built quickly in four months, and in November of last year (2011) I was ready. To my surprise the house was not on the maps contained in iOS6 but if iOS5 maps.

I think 3D buildings-including in-iOS6 are nice and all, but in no case do they regain the functionality that maps Google Maps.

Something that if he won was the ability to use the voice browser.


Review: iOS 6 image 7

The Reminders application incorporates minor changes. For example at the bottom we see a roulette allows easily switch days. They are also much better organized and lists places where events are stored.

Do Not Disturb

Review: iOS 6 image 8

Perhaps one of the features demanded by many users and it was only possible to implement using an app via Cydia (iBlackList think it was called). Sorry this is so poorly designed that only iOS6 feature allows you to “Receive calls from a white list” or “Reject all calls”, but no option to reject certain calls.

Siri in Spanish

Review: iOS 6 image 9

Siri has finally arrived in Spanish and some applications integration. Unfortunately in most countries as Chile business location is not available, so if you say “Where there is a McDonalds?” Will tell you that you can not locate it.

We will continue looking for some new features and discuss gradually. So soon recheck the post.



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