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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Featured, Reviews | 1 comment

Review: Sony Xperia P

Review: Sony Xperia P

Our protagonist has an LED backlit LCD screen of 4 inches, which has a resolution of 540 X 960 pixels, an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording built-in Full HD. It also has a 1 GHz dual-core, 1 GB of RAM and operates on operating system Ice Cream Sandwich.

Want to know more about this smartphone? I invite you to continue reading our full in this new review we have for you the Sony Xperia P.

Design and First Sight


2G Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 GPRS EDGE

3G Network: UMTS HSDPA HSUPA 850/900/1900/2100

4G Network: Not Compatible

SIM Type: Micro

Dimensions: 122 x 59.5 x 10.5 mm

Weight: 120 grams

Display: LED-backlit LCD 4-inch resolution of 540 X 960 pixels, capacitive screen, 16 million colors and 275 ppi

Storage: 16 GB internal

Platform: Android 4.0.4 OS, upgradable to Jelly Bean

Chipset: NovaThor U8500

Processor: 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual core

Graphic Chip: Mali-400MP


Camera: 8 megapixel LED flash built c0n, auto focus, face detection, image stabilizer, video recording in Full HD, digital effects, among other features.

Connectors: MicroUSB 2.0 high speed, Mini HDMI port and 3.5mm audio output jack

Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, DLNA and Wi-Fi Hotspot

Location methods: Red, GPS and A-GPS

Battery: Integrated Li-Ion 1305 mAh

Others: TV out via HDMI, will be upgraded to Jelly Bean, USB On-The-Go, Timescape UI, Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine, among others

Exterior Hardware

The Sony is a team that has a design almost identical to the Xperia U, not to say they are equal. The only thing that differentiates the two is the position of some keys and some other things.

The Xperia P is mainly characterized by having an all-aluminum structure of a piece created with precision, giving the feeling that the team is very strong, besides having high quality materials and very elegant.

The team feels quite light when you have it in your hand, weighs only 120 grams and its size is comfortable in any hand, large or small.

In considering the design, starting from the front, we can see its 4-inch screen, at the top we see the handset which is accompanied by a multicolor LED for notifications, we also have the VGA front camera sensors accompanied proximity and ambient light. At the bottom we found on a plastic white backlit where the touch sensitive keys: Back – Home – Options.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 2

On the back of the team see the manufacturer’s logo and above is the 8-megapixel main camera, which is accompanied by his faithful companion: The LED flash.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 3

Review: Sony Xperia P image 4

Laterally, specifically on the left, we see the microUSB and HDMI ports, followed by MicroSIM card slot.

On the right side we can see the speaker, the power key, volume keys and the camera dedicated key.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 5

Above we see only 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones, while below only see the microphone.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 6


4 inches is the size of the capacitive screen that integrates the Sony Xperia P. It’s the type of LCD with LED backlight and has a resolution of 540 X 960 pixels with 275 ppi.

I note the strong shine that has the display, which has been tested by the German laboratory TESTfactory as the smartphone that has the industry’s highest brightness. Thanks to this, the 16 million colors that integrates look really bright screen, which is ideal for HD video. Unfortunately the screen does not have sufficient resolution to classify it as “high definition” as it only has 540 X 960 pixels. Yet the screen provides a clear and sufficient definition WhiteMagic through technologies and Bravia Engine.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 7

The aspect ratio of the screen is accurate 16:9 (Wide – W), so you can appreciate great content in that format full screen without the annoying black bars.

And what is the tactile response?

Good, but only when you are controlling the menu, because when I write on the screen with virtual QWERTY keyboard does not respond at all well, but that should change with the size of fingers of each.

And as in all W Labs, we could not do the test of multi-touch to see if it works as such and how many fingers can support both.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 8

Up to 10 fingers at once could bear the Sony Xperia P, and that means that the screen is 100% multi-touch.

We also compare the colors on the screen of our protagonist and the iPhone 3GS and this was the result:

Review: Sony Xperia P image 9


The Sony Xperia P no slouch in that integrates a camera and 8-megapixel sensor to capture photographs with excellent quality, it also incorporates an LED flash for better results in low light. It also has the ability to capture Full HD videos with up to 30 frames per second.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 10

Picture Mode

The Xperia P has a wide range of photographic options and ways to get the best possible quality. One is the ability to automatically recognize the type of scene you are viewing the camera, for example you take a photo on the beach, the mode will automatically select “Beach / Snow”. Obviously you can also switch to manual mode and choose the scene you want.

In the table below you will see some of the options you have available the camera at your disposal:

Review: Sony Xperia P image 11

You also have the possibility to use the integrated LED flash for capturing pictures in low light.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 12

Another interesting feature is the Quick Start, which will start the camera in less than 1 second or adjust it to capture a photo automatically when you launch the camera. Also accounts with the 3D Sweep Panorama to capture photos in 3D.

Test Photos

The Sony Xperia P captures high quality pictures, and that better quality show for you to check yourself. So if I leave here a couple of photos taken at the highest quality (Click the image to view original size):

Review: Sony Xperia P image 13

Review: Sony Xperia P image 14
Review: Sony Xperia P image 15

Review: Sony Xperia P image 16

Video Mode

With the Sony Xperia P can perform digital video recording in Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels with up to 30 frames per second. Also accounts with various options to get excellent quality and finish.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 17

In this mode you also have the same settings that you can use in shooting mode, which adds points to the camera. I leave the resolutions available to you to record:

– Full HD 1920 X 1080 Full
– HD 720p 1280 X 720
– VGA 640 X 480
– MMS 320 X 240

The quality obtained at the time of recording in full HD is pretty good, delivering a quite definite and very good quality.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 18

Test Video

So you can appreciate the quality of the video, I’ll let the video test performed at its best quality upload to YouTube. I beg you please select 1080p Full HD quality on the player. Anyway, I’ll leave the original file uploaded to a server so you can download it and play it on your favorite player.


This topic highlights the Sony Xperia P pretty, I must say. To begin, revived the famous Sony player and integrated it into our protagonist of this W Labs with its unmistakable sound quality. We also have a video player that works fine and a FM radio tuner with RDS technology incorporated.

But go by knowing each of them:

Walkman music player

As I said before, Sony revived this music giant that has been with us for years as an audio player. This time we have a player with a Sony-style interface very nice, with a background that changes color according to the album cover.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 19

With it you can play your music, create playlists, access options repeat or random play (shuffle), additionally you have the option of connecting to your Facebook account and select “Like” your favorite song to your friends can see it. And speaking of friends, you can play directly from the music player that will publish your friends on Facebook.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 20

And a player like this will obviously not be complete without an equalizer. So WALKMAN integrates a 5-band equalizer fully customizable, adding Clear Bass also the effect to increase the bass. Auditors also with 8 pre-defined profiles and ambient sounds you will detail below:


– Off
– Heavy Rock
– Soul
– Quiet Misica
– Bass Amplifier
– Tweeter amplifier
– Custom

Environmental effects

– Off
– Study
– Club
– Concert Hall

Review: Sony Xperia P image 21

It also has a nice display that will accompany you while listening to your music when.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 22

FM Radio

The FM tuner has an attractive interface and very easy to use. It has RDS technology to display the station name and even the name of the song and artist who is on the air.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 23

The reception quality is quite good, without having reception problems, although that depends purely on your location and the type of headphones that are dealing as an antenna.

Video Player

The video player that integrates Sony Xperia P has an interface similar to the Walkman player. You can also connect to the Internet and get information related to the movie or video you are watching.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 24

You can play Full HD content with up to 30 frames per second or HD content with up to 60 frames per second. For copying accounts with improved sound quality and for the screen, in addition to having available the ability to play video on another device via DLNA.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 25


The web browser includes the Sony Xperia P is the same as incorporating the majority of the members Xperia line. The good news is that this browser loads fast scrolling through the sites is really fluid thanks to hardware acceleration features.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 26

In the browser can open up to 15 windows in order to have multiple sites open at once and without the computer goes slow. In addition, the browser has full support with Adobe Flash Player (with APK old) and is ready for HTML5, so you can see all the online multimedia content you want and the sites you visit load perfectly.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 27


Our protagonist comes with the operating system Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, the soon-as Sony, will be upgraded to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Personalization by the company is quite nice and easy to use. That if the original Android interface “Holo” there remains almost nothing, unlike that of other customizations manufacturers, so some fans will not like it much.

The Home Screen Menu expected or has 5 desks in total, all customizable with shortcuts, widgets and folders, as well as to change the wallpaper for a fixed or animated, or select a photo taken with the camera from the computer. It will feature fluid interface is very quick and is fairly easy to use, at least for me.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 28

And as expected, Sony wanted to add their own applications which I will detail below:

Timescape: An app that gathers data from your Facebook and Twitter showing photos, videos or what your friends or followers published.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 29

TrackID: I think that most of us know this application, but if you do not know, I tell you used to know the name of the song you’re listening on any device. Simply zoom in your phone to a speaker and TrackID will search the name and artist.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 30

McAfee Security: This popular antivirus will protect your phone against hackers who want to access your privacy.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 31

WisePilot for Xperia: This application is a GPS navigator that comes free on Xperia T and thus have an alternative to Google Maps.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 32

And this is the main menu:

Review: Sony Xperia P image 33

Setup Menu:

Review: Sony Xperia P image 34

And the notification bar:

Review: Sony Xperia P image 35


It is always good to know as a team performance goes, as walks in processor, graphics, if it’s faster than the competition or not, etc.. So we bring you some benchmarks then made our hero and so you can compare the results with other teams.

Review: Sony Xperia P image 36

Review: Sony Xperia P image 37

And how does the Sony Xperia P battery?

Before I let you know that the battery that takes our protagonist is integrated Li-Ion and has a capacity of 1305 mAh.

Unfortunately I have bad news for those interested in this team. The battery is the only downside of this equipment as delivered autonomy is very low.

I do not know if the battery is really well or equipment is delivered to me with problems. Taking the battery charged to 100%, with normal use the battery gave me a range of approximately 8 hours, which is very little for a smartphone, and obviously this test is performed with the screen brightness set to half.

Conclusion and Evaluation

The Sony Xperia smartphone P is a fairly comprehensive, offering virtually everything a team can offer you the most expensive.

The design is very similar to the Xperia U we reviewed some time ago here, but the P has a larger screen and the buttons are in different positions. I liked that the Xperia P has an aluminum cover excellent quality, which gives the team elegance. In addition the team has a perfect size and weight, very convenient to carry in different conditions.

Its screen, despite not being HD, is pretty good, has excellent color and brightness for brilliant powerful having the screen. The above definition is also acceptable and appreciated that the type is 16:9.

I also liked that Sony is back with WALKMAN. The player worked excellent, with very good sound quality and good power in volume also brings a pretty good equalizer. The interface is also nice and pleasant. Like the video player, I found featured and functional, plus it is pretty fast.

As for the camera, I liked it too. I found it full well, the photos are very good quality and most of all the videos that capture because the shooting with a quality close to 21 MB / s.

Unfortunately the battery does not last long, although its capacity is rather small. Hopefully Sony can fix this with a future update.

Would I buy it?

If I had the problem with the battery, of course I would buy it because the team is quite complete and has an excellent camera, but I can not walk with the charger everywhere since the battery consumption of this equipment is very high.

What Imperdible

  • Camera
  • Screen
  • will be updated
  • Good sound
  • Quality of materials

The unpresentable

  • Battery Life
  • No MicroSD card reader

Review: Sony Xperia P image 38

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