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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

RIM has no buyers at the door

RIM has no buyers at the door

Apparently Research in Motion will not be on sale after all, or at least so their CEO Thorsten Heins believes that after evaluating each of the divisions that make up RIM, concluded that no one will show a real interest by Canadian company until it goes on sale next year BlackBerry 10.

Even Samsung, which has been considered as the most logical possible salvation, is completely ruled out for the moment is that the Korean company has its attention on other concerns.

Bloomberg had reported that was interested in one of the divisions of RIM, but is likely to be discarded that idea. Interestingly, although analysts have mentioned the interest of companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon, and Google, it is unlikely that any of these will make a serious offer, not even close to RIM, at least not until BlackBerry 10 not out.

While has a tough road ahead, still has hope that BB10 is a success and can graduate to other platforms, if successful, may not have the need to sell in parts and I managed to get funding.

Link: RIM: no buyers in sight (Boy Genius Report)

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