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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Applications, SmartPhones, Updates | 0 comments

RIM releases its SDK Gold version for BB10 and updates the Dev Alpha

RIM releases its SDK Gold version for BB10 and updates the Dev Alpha

According to the schedule, we are about 49 days of the release of the next platform created by Research In Motion to support the new wave of devices, BB10. And the absence of today are two new features make happy both developers as a platform for enthusiasts of a company that has seen better days, and struggling to reinvent itself.

First, today made available to the developer community the version of its to work thinking of BB10, which incorporates improvements that will make more friendly – and stable – the tool used to build applications that take advantage of the characteristics of this new operating system. If you want to download to try out what it is this last Beta – and who knows, maybe do or carry your own app – you can go to the BlackBerry developer site and download the version for HTML5 Webworks , Adobe Air , Cascades or native to explore and get to work. And watch out, if you have apps for Android , you can easily and publish reempacarlas App World for BB10.

The process is entirely free – yes even register as a developer.

The other good news is useful only if you’re part of the team and BlackBerry Devs Any – the team that was given to test the development of apps under real – because has released a new Update for this team. code, this new beta version of BB10 delivers a slightly revamped aesthetic, capada also experience more fluid and quite small changes in relation to audio problems via HDMI, contact management, clock configuration issues and other small things to ensure good test platform for any developer out there … Oh, and still no BlackBerry Hub.

Got a Dev Alpha? Well, go to Settings -> Updates and upgrade from there. It will take a while for the download package weighs about 600 MB, so it will touch you apply patience.

RIM is putting enough on their part to re-enchant developers for quite a while now, and knowing the importance of apps to support a new platform, seeking to woo as many allies in a battle that has taken longer than even they expected, and that after several internal and external changes, and the Canadian prepares to face an even more complex step: Convincing the industry and its users that all this waiting was worth it.

What do you think will happen on January 30 with BB10?

Link: The BB10 SDK Have Gone Gold (BlackBerry Developers)

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