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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

RIM seriously considered using Android

RIM seriously considered using Android

The CEO of (Reasearch in Motion) Thorsten Heins said that the company was looking at the open operating system to determine their plans for the future, but ultimately decided to go to market with what is now known as BlackBerry 10.

RIM was faced with the challenge of modernization after seeing how the iPhone and devices with each day gained more popularity among consumers. But the challenge came with a question: Could Android leave enough room to avoid a company “I am also Android”? After all, RIM is one of the few companies currently developing its hardware and software with which it works.

What made Microsoft Nokia was not surprising considering that they were not loyal to any operating system, so that RIM was important to develop their own alternative though of course not gone quite right.

One of the biggest problems has been the harsh and unpredictable software development cycle. was supposed to come out this year but unforeseen delays moved the date up to early 2013. Many think it is too late for RIM, which are not intended to offer a smartphone that offers an experience like Android or IOS.

But who says it is not that exactly what you are looking for RIM? They may want to offer something other than “normal” Amazon did with Kindle Fire.

Perhaps the road was Android, maybe not, the decision is taken and RIM launch BlackBerry 10 to early 2013, hopefully to BB users like it.

Link: RIM Seriously Considered going with Android(Phandoid)

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