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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

RIM to launch BB10 4 teams based on early 2013

RIM to launch BB10 4 teams based on early 2013

said in the context of the various meetings he had with the shareholders of the Canadian the company will introduce 4 terminals: Two high-end and two mid-range, thereby dispelling some of the doubts surrounding the development of its terminal strategy for the launch of BlackBerry 10, its new platform.

These four teams that will come to fill market segments longed for their customers. Both teams probably equivalent to the Bold line – an integrated and touch screen, and a full touch – and two Curve – a QWERTY and a touchscreen – with simple features.

The devices come – as announced – in January 2013. may be the occasion chosen to launch.

Operating system are working 6 days a week to deliver a good final product that achieves a satisfactory user experience, all to avoid falling into the vices that were made to hasten the release of its tablet, Playbook, that after several upgrades supply has serious omissions and failures in office concept which today are corrected.

Recently, the said that the cuts are planned for the company in any way affect the budget allocated for intensive work in creating the operating system BB10.

Link: RIM BlackBerry to release four smartphones in early 2013 10 (FierceWireless)

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