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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Games | 0 comments

Rush Kingdom: The Uruguay game is between top-selling iPhone applications in the U.S.

Rush Kingdom: The Uruguay game is between top-selling iPhone applications in the U.S.

Created by the company Ironhide Games , the mobile game Kingdom Rush has become one of the within the 10 most sold in the and Canada, this would not be news to our readers because it was not created by a team developer.

The company Ironhide was created in 2010 in Montevideo, Uruguay, by three friends: Alvaro Azofra, Pablo Gonzalo Realini and Sande. This game, located within the segment known as (based strategy to place different types of defenses to repel enemy attacks) has a cost of $ 0.99 and has reached the

Before coming to the Apple store, the game was available to play in web browsers using Flash. Since its launch in 2011 was played more than 125 million times.

By the end of that year, completed versions for iPhone, launch is ranked 2 in U.S. sales. But the greatest achievement came to start distributing the version, platform with ten times that of the tablet market and position allowed to play in the Top Ten, no games, but overall the downloaded applications in the U.S. (since 9) and Canada (position 6).

Azofra Alvaro believes the secret of the success of Rush Kingdom is to have succeeded in designing a game in a style preferred by users of niche and get fit into the mainstream. It also ensures that this experience is a great demonstration that a good idea, strategy and perseverance, you can compete from a small independent studio with large companies in the market, which is summarized in a short message to his Latin American colleagues, “Yes can. “

Within the Tower Defense genre, in the coming weeks will be launched “Vampire Season” on Freemium mode. This game is a development of the Colombian company Brainz, another Latin American enterprise market seek to conquer the world’s largest applications.

Link: A video game Uruguayan among the best-selling iPhone apps in the U.S. (CNN Spanish)

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