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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Samsung accuses Apple of modifying evidence, judge does not believe

Samsung accuses Apple of modifying evidence, judge does not believe

The Trial between and continues today, and the Korean company started its arguments claiming that the Cupertino changed the distribution of the icons in one of their phones to make it look more like the iPhone. The phone the question is an Epic Touch 4G ( Galaxy SII ), photographed by Apple, the company introduced with a distribution that closely resembles the iPhone.

Samsung claimed that the image does not represent the way the Galaxy SII see when you take it out of the box. The company introduced its own photos, which were taken on Sunday, according to lawyers, which showed a different distribution in the interface.

Judge Lucy Koh lawyers questioned, doubting that the photos taken by Samsung were legitimate. The authority asked why Samsung’s image did not show the Google search widget, even though the lawyers had said that the widget was present from the beginning on the phone. The judge asked to see the device itself, instead of photos, and then said that in the photos appeared Samsung yesterday’s date, not Sunday, as the Korean lawyers had said.

Apple’s lawyer, Michael Jacobs, said the company had not touched the distribution of the icons to take photos. Finally, the judge dismissed the objection Samsung stating that “no credible think that Apple has modified these phones.” He added that for future photographic evidence, both companies would have to agree on what they were going to show. “I will not let this happen again,” he said.

Link: Samsung slammed by judge after accusing Apple of tampering with Evidence (The Verge)

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