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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Samsung EAD-R10: A projector for your Galaxy

Samsung EAD-R10: A projector for your Galaxy

We all know of the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Beam, a smartphone that integrates a projector so you can easily project videos, images or anything anywhere. In fact, we’ve had a chance to try on our Review .

But what about those who already have a Galaxy SIII or a Galaxy Note II, to give you an example?

So South Korea has launched a new accessory EAD-R10, a portable projector that will project your videos, images or other media from your Galaxy brand.

Just simply connect this accessory to your phone via cable MHL and you’re projecting the contents of your smartphone. But that’s not all dear reader, you can also connect any HDMI source such as a video game console, media player or HD TV decoder and projecting that signal through this accessory.

Samsung EAD-R10: A projector for your Galaxy image 2

This amazing accessory features its own speaker and also has a 1650 mAh battery to not have to be tied to an external power cable. It also has an output of 20 lumens and a resolution nHD 640 X 360 pixels and capable of projecting an image of hasta50 inches.

Are you interested in this accessory?

Unfortunately dear reader, is only on sale in South Korea at a price of $ 221 (about CLP $ 106,000), but the link I’ll let you buy it from there.

Link: [삼성 ì „ìž EAD-R10] Samsung miniprojector FLP/640X360/20ANSI/HDMI EAD-R10 (Gmarket)

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