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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Samsung has shipped 5 million units of its Galaxy Note II

Samsung has shipped 5 million units of its Galaxy Note II

Against the predictions of those who thought that the large size of the screen of smartphone-tablet hybrid could cause rejection of mobile users, people proudly announces Samsung has already distributed 5 million of its , who presented last August in Berlin.

It is noteworthy that the figure, which is echoed on Engadget, does not necessarily mean that 5 million phones, but they have left the Korean factories to points of sale, which is linked to demand Galaxy Note II vendors have received.

They certainly are good numbers for Samsung, then remember that the first Galaxy Note took place five to achieve 5 million units, as I discussed here then .

Of course, the first one was more difficult, also because it was a new proposed hybrid on the market, and this marking pattern in a category is tough … Now it shows the success of the Galaxy Note II, probably largely its S-Pen stylus that facilitates the design and implementation of freehand notes, we have the expectation of what will be working with manufacturers to impress their upcoming releases: Betting?

Link: Samsung announces Galaxy Note II has moved 5 million units worldwide (Engadget)

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