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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Rumors | 0 comments

Samsung is preparing a Galaxy Note III with 6.3 inch screen

Samsung is preparing a Galaxy Note III with 6.3 inch screen

When he appeared on the market, the Galaxy Note surprised by their large size screen (5.3 inches), which increased to 5.5 inches in the second version of the device, called Galaxy Note II intuitively, which we revise and in our extensive secret laboratories.

But now we are showing the first rumors about the device as reported sources within the production lines in the industry, have a screen of no less than 6.3 inches, beating any record in a smartphone. This would inevitably have to increase the overall size of the device, and that even removing the edges of the Galaxy Note II arrives at 6.3 inches.

And if this information already sounds strange enough, there’s another one that relates to the upcoming Galaxy S IV, which as reported, would have a panel “indestructible” would not be possible by a very rigid cover, but everything Instead, thanks to a Flexible AMOLED panel with Full HD 1080p resolution.

The launch of these devices date confirmed yet, however, is expected to be at an event organized by Samsung at any time in 2013, and during January and February in technology fairs CES and MWC.

Link: Samsung in 2013: expect an even bigger note, but not ‘unbreakable’ Galaxy S IV (The Verge)

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