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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Samsung mocks Apple in Australia

Samsung mocks Apple in Australia

Taking advantage of the Australian police issued a warning asking drivers not to use the because are dangerous, made an installation to recommend people opt for the Galaxy S III.

In one of the facilities you see a Nissan Patrol ready for camping in the middle of the city of Sydney, while the other is a classic Volkswagen van installed near a station in Melbourne. Next to them a sign appears “Oops, should have bought the Samsung Galaxy S III. Get a browsing you can trust, “says the poster, referring to the Navigon GPS app that comes installed on the computer.

For maps began when the Australian police had to rescue people trying to reach the town of Mildura, located as iOS 6 amid a national park, where temperatures can reach 46° C.

Samsung vehicles remain installed until Friday.

Link: Dude, that’s rude! Samsung puts up live installations to belittle Apple Maps in Australia (PhoneArena)

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