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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Design | 0 comments

Samsung reveals their sources of inspiration for designing the Galaxy S III

Samsung reveals their sources of inspiration for designing the Galaxy S III

It is well known that used based on several aspects of nature to realize the of its smartphone Galaxy S III , which would be designed to interact seamlessly with the user, pointing out that it is comfortable with the artifact from the beginning and not have to adapt to it.

So, now the company has revealed an interesting video, where people in charge of the design team spoke about their sources of inspiration to create various elements and details that give identity to S III. For example, the back cover was designed keeping in mind the round stones of a river and its flow flowing through them, which resulted in a smooth surface with several layers of polycarbonate coating.

Furthermore, professionals tried several ways to achieve the sound you hear when liquid unlock the phone, which after many trials, was recorded by dropping drops of orange juice into a glass. Moreover, the rest of the sounds were intended under the concept of “a walk in the woods”, which is the feeling that both audio in user interface design attempted to achieve.

You can see the full video below:

Link: Samsung Shares The Story Of The Galaxy S III’s Design (Video) (Pocket Now)

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