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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Patents, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Samsung says it will sue Apple for patent

Samsung says it will sue Apple for patent

South Korea’s threat about possible action against will come true. Sue in Cupertino by including capabilities in its new phone, the iPhone 5. No doubt this is a totally expected revenge after defeat path that Apple gave him a few weeks ago, where the court found that Asian manufacturer designs openly copied to those created by the U.S..

Samsung has confirmed the legal action implicitly announcing that the will be added to the list of pending litigation that both companies are still pending, all based on information currently available, it is not complete. South Korea says interpose a motion “to correct violations allegations related to the iPhone 5 just has had a reasonable opportunity to examine the device.”

Round two, fight!

The announcement comes just hours before the start of the anticipated distribution of Apple computer, which in its first day of pre-sold 2 million units. More than one of them will fall into the hands of South Korea’s technical team, who will decide if its legal arm has support for counter-attack in a new movement of this struggle of giants.

Link: Samsung: Hey, Everyone! We Might Sue Over the iPhone 5! (AllThingsD)

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