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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Design | 0 comments

Samsung sent to the press court rejected evidence

Samsung sent to the press court rejected evidence

In a fact that angered Judge Lucy Koh – in charge of administering justice in this process – sent a large amount of materials that were presented as evidence for the Trial between South Korea and the press, all this because that were rejected repeatedly in this just prior law.

The idea behind this is that people know the existence of a model called F700, a device that – supposedly – was in development before the introduction of the iPhone, and that it shared some features with the star team of Apple.

Samsung sent to the press court rejected evidence image 2

The above shown, together with a series of internal emails that the Cupertino company admitted to having taken inspiration from Sony products for your phone, were leaked some time ago. However, the judge decided not to accept them as evidence because they were submitted late by Samsung, so were not considered.

Asians are taking advantage of every moment you can to remember the existence of this device. The allegations today, as The Verge review, counsel Samsung broke the allegations at times showing photos of the F700. He then asked the judge to reconsider the inclusion of this device as part of valid tests of face-to face judgment, to which the judge again refused Koh, reminding the defense that sent about 10 applications for this purpose , and all were rejected.

At the insistence, the judge’s lawyer threatened with sanctions if Samsung did not give up their insistent request.

Then, Samsung sent emails with all this stuff to the press, in an email that explained that this evidence had been rejected to determine conclusively that South Korea did not copy Apple, which was replicated by media worldwide.

Reports indicate that upon hearing, Judge Koh felt totally passed to take the see the story in the press, and said he wanted to determine responsibility for the move, and know who authorized the attorney Samsung to distribute this material outside the court. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, this issue will be around and contaminate the trial unnecessarily, leading to judgments that could lead to doubt the neutrality of the judge, something that – I’m sure – at some point be subject because of this episode totally avoidable.

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