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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Equipments | 0 comments

Samsung shows by Facebook’s new Galaxy S III black

Samsung shows by Facebook's new Galaxy S III black

(C) Samsung

The Korean company will soon launch a black version of its high-end phone, the S III. The company announcement was made through its Facebook page , so that while still officially recognize it, you can understand it was not something they wanted to hide.

The has sold worldwide over 10 million units in less than three months since it launched on 28 May with an aggressive advertising campaign which can be up to offer $300 refund for iPhone 4S in exchange for the Galaxy S III, making it clear that their struggle against Apple does not occur only in court .

Chances are that Samsung begins to have more versions in different colors on your phone-star to join the current versions in white marble and blue pearl to keep the public’s interest before the attack not yet confirmed but highly rumored the new iPhone .

Link: Galaxy S III in black unveiled at Samsung’s Facebook page (IntoMobile)

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