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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Samsung sold more than 500 million phones in 2013

Samsung sold more than 500 million phones in 2013

500 million handsets sold in 2013 is the goal of Samsung. This would be 390 million mobile and 120 million smart phones with conventional services. The calculation comes from The Korea Times, which has collected estimates of Kim Hyun-joon, an executive of the telecommunications division of the manufacturer.

“There are chances that the demand for smartphones in general decline, but we are seeing a new demand for devices using Long Term Evolution (LTE),” said Hyn-joon.

Booming mobile market of China can not believe that the mobile industry is approaching a period of rest, especially since most of the leading brands would be betting on their equipment upgrades or new models for the first half of 2013. For Samsung, some say it will surpass Apple next year.

Do you think that will continue to grow next year? What do you think would be necessary for this manufacturer maintain its ascent without stagnate? Do you think Apple will be overcome by the South Korean definitively?

Link: Samsung Projected to Sell Over 500 Million Phones in 2013. (Mobile Mag)

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