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Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Samsung struggles to sell its Galaxy Nexus, also blocked by Apple in the U.S.

Samsung struggles to sell its Galaxy Nexus, also blocked by Apple in the U.S.

New victory joined the Cupertino: A court has banned the Sale of Nexus Galaxy ( we met in full detail in a WLabs ) in response to a demand for “patent violation” made by Apple earlier this year .

The move comes just days after a U.S. court also banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 of the Korean, also by request of the apple, as we told you here then.

Coincidentally it was the same Judge Lucy Koh district of San Jose, California, which issued the Ban against the sale of the Korean mobile. The reason? Basically the same as always: A mess of patents, Koh explained, would hurt the apple:

“Apple has shown that in the absence of an injunction (against the Galaxy Nexus) could be a significant market share in smartphones and suffer a significant drop in future sales.”

As we imagined, the guys at Samsung did not stay idle and his attorneys filed a motion to suspend the injunction that prohibits the sale of its Galaxy Nexus, and Korean sources have expressed their disappointment that the U.S. justice system is restricting the options the market offers to consumers.

It was further reported that Samsung and are working together to resolve the issue, because the patent that causes controversy with the people in Cupertino has to do with a search function operating system is implemented in the Galaxy Nexus.

Where the appeal is accepted by Samsung, in addition to the lock up on in the United States, the Korean could be compensated up to $ 95 million that the Cupertino provided to the Court as security to ensure payment of damage to Samsung if it is determined to accept his explanation. certainly a case that will give plenty to talk about.

- Apple scores win vs Samsung legal second in a week (Reuters)
- Samsung appeals injunction Against Apple’s Galaxy Nexus (CNET)

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