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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Tablets | 0 comments

Samsung TIVA Q [At First Sight]

Samsung TIVA Q [At First Sight]

Although two devices with operating systems with Windows 8 already been seen in the market, any of which aims to offer Android as an operating system for basic and fast. Where disagrees, with the new Q TIVA the aim is to create a Windows 8 but with the ability to run Android applications.

The reality is that the new Android TIVA Q we see, not that it is another operating system apart, but it is a virtualized Android version, which teams have been in the presentation, is not it work exactly right. Samsung’s idea is to offer all the typical applications that you use on an Android Tablet but in your PC, it can be interesting especially for video games, where Windows 8 seems not just boot with touch screen games.

Samsung TIVA Q [At First Sight] image 2

With a very simple design with a spectacular display, this PC certainly committed to provide mobility and desktop Windows 8, with a touch of Android, but do not just materialize completely.

Its screen can be rotated to stay in a fixed position, much like the VAIO Duo 13 , but also can be completely rotated to touch, but also without having the keyboard in between.

Samsung TIVA Q [At First Sight] image 3

It is a device with a strange design where rewards certainly what is the screen rather than the type of device. Convertible?? Tablet PC?? Strange device you will undoubtedly need more use daily in order to obtain a verdict.

Link: Samsung TIVA Q, a tablet with Windows and Android Jelly Bean

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