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Samsung would be corrected downward its forecast sales of Galaxy S4

Samsung would be corrected downward its forecast sales of Galaxy S4

100 million is a figure teams really, really big phone. Technically, these are all Galaxy S devices that Samsung has sold over 3 years. Sell ​​them in a year, as discussed at some point, it may be a very optimistic view of what really could happen … And – apparently – someone in South Korea realized that may not materialize as planned, and I both executives are commenting as shareholders.

It ensures that the have been cut from 20 to 30 million units.

The independent Susquehanna Financial Group has raised alerts regarding non-compliance of the initial sales projections Samsung high end, and has sent a number of suppliers of parts and pieces that make up this team.

According to the agency, the blame for this situation would not have it no more than the actual Korean and multiplying its catalog midrange segment that has put the spotlight during 2013 and that has been launched – on average – more than one mobile per week so far this year.

That, coupled with the saturation of high-end market and the huge turnover expected, shows a real risk of “falling short”.

Link: Samsung ‘tempering’ investors expectations on the Galaxy S4 salts (PhoneArena)

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