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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Games | 0 comments

Santa’s Crazy Polar Adventure: giving gifts in style

Santa's Crazy Polar Adventure: giving gifts in style

Maybe not the most famous game nor the most downloaded, but it will ensure a fun time immersed in these year-end holidays. This is Santa’s Crazy Polar Adventure, a simple game for as a game is very similar to the successful Tiny Wings, only instead of being a bird that slips over the hills, is the same who slips by the snowy mountains.

The goal is simple: move around the slopes and rises as fast as possible, and through the various ranges of the world. While you do that, you have to collect the maximum number of items you find along the way, which will be distributed to good children everywhere.

But it is not just up and down … To improve your score can do different tricks while in the air: and so cool to put a spin always quiet man in a red suit and white beard.

Another interesting aspect of this game is that it shows a modern image of Santa Claus. This popular character no longer fitted the classic wooden sled. Now runs on modern snowboarding.

As you pass the levels can be unlocked different types of Santas, such as a Santa or a Santa ninja rocker, among others. The nitros are another option to unlock, and you’ll get more momentum as you fulfill your mission.

So you know, if you want to have fun this Christmas, what better than to play Santa’s Crazy Polar Adventure. Free in the App Store.

Link: Santa’s Crazy Polar Adventure (App Store)

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