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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Security | 0 comments

Sasmung promises to solve quickly a security flaw in the Exynos chips 4

Sasmung promises to solve quickly a security flaw in the Exynos chips 4

A couple of days ago, was discovered a vulnerability that compromises the safety of users with mobile devices that have internal hardware platform 4, specifically the Exynos 4210 and 4412 models, which allows a malicious hacker to evade operating system permissions to directly access the RAM, inserting malicious code into the kernel software itself, in this case of Android, which means an attack very root.

Facing the situation, Samsung stepped out and gave the following statements:

“Samsung is aware of the potential security risks associated with Exynos processors and plans to release a software update to fix it as soon as possible. The situation may appear only when a malicious application is operating in the affected devices, so it does not affect most applications operating devices credible and authentic. Samsung will continue close monitoring of the situation until the fix via software is made available to all affected phones.

This means that those most at risk are those using unofficial applications that are outside the ecosystem of the Play Store in Android, so it is recommended that those who use these chips inside their computers, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, and Meizu MX, among others, be careful when downloading apps from unknown sources.

Link: Samsung Exynos Memory Delivers Statement On Exploit (Pocket Now)

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