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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Scanadu: Accessories for your smartphone that analyze health

Scanadu: Accessories for your smartphone that analyze health


Today, we review a daily email and social networks on our mobile phones, but what about our own health? A doctor visit is a very little regular and often only when we are wrong, so you need a quick way to check our body and most important vital signs regularly.

For this, the company has shown the public Scanadu a complete line of accessories for mobile devices, which allow a series of tests to diagnose disease or alert daily on the need to visit a doctor. There are three models that exist today: the Scanadu Scout, reading vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, blood oxygenation and temperature), the ScanaFlo Project, which analyzes the urine, and the capable of analyzing saliva and diagnose any kind of flu or cold. Each scan takes less than ten seconds, and then the information is sent to the smartphone to diagnose and deliver the results.

The Scanadu Scout is the first device that aims to be sold, and the promise of Scanadu is that the price will be less than $ 150. He is currently in the process of approval by the relevant authorities and would leave the market in late 2013.

Link: New smartphone accessories analyze your body to keep the doctor away (The Verge)

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