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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Shipments of smartphones and tablets are on the rise around the world

Shipments of smartphones and tablets are on the rise around the world

The explosive increase in the sale of around the world is not a fluke, and it gives quite interesting to project looking at the future. According to the consultancy CCS Insight, at the end of 2013 will find 1,860 million handsets shipped worldwide. If discriminate between segments, we can see that 53% of the equipment will be smartphones and other feature phones.

The trend is not new, because during the first three months of smartphones shipments exceeded kits. In fact, more than half of the teams in and are smartphones, a figure that only grow to a staggering 80% in 2015.

The projections also ensure that this trend will stagnate in these markets, and then will force developing countries.

As the growth of the adoption of 4G, it is expected that 2017 teams adapted to run on this technology would reach 650 million units. It is expected that half of them are distributed in countries adopted late LTE.

CCS expected to also see an exponential increase in their distribution around the world, reaching 2,100 shipments million units in 2017, which validates the efforts of all manufacturing companies in this format to get better future market share .

Link: Mobile phone sales to reach 1.86 billion This Year; Smartphone sales to account for more than a half (IntoMobile)

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