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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Applications, Rumors | 0 comments

So would some new filters that will integrate Twitter photo

So would some new filters that will integrate Twitter photo

After the divorce between Instagram and Twitter , has begun to take hold the idea that the social network of 140 characters launch its own filters for before Christmas. As to not leave users without the ability to modify your pictures in the year-end holidays.

One of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey , has not been very discreet about these developments and is dedicated to decorate pictures with what appear to be the new filters, the social network posteandolas. Most of the images are in black and white. Although not officially said that these are the new Twitter, it probably is.

The about filters officers had already begun to appear in recent months, suggesting that planned face a while.

Link: Twitter photo filters tipped for holidays: Dorsey have teased them already? (Slashgear)

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