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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sony be ready to launch a new smart watch next week

Sony be ready to launch a new smart watch next week

As part of the Mobile Asia Expo – event to be held next week in Shanghai, China – is expected to make an announcement phablets related, but recently learned that we should also expect something related to smart watches. That is clear from a number of rumors that the Japanese have a product ready to be put in glass cases in the coming days, which will be an evolution of the current SmartWatch.

The biggest clue is given a teaser posted by the company on his Twitter account , which ensures that a third of smartphone users want a watch with advanced features. Is it really so?.

Not much information about this device, but we do know that in the things you would expect is a lot of third party and the option to modify their dramatically thanks to the policy of opening SDKs that Sony is pursuing , and that will change the best way the smart watch that now sells in stores around the world.

Link: Sony to unveil new smart watch at Mobile Asia Expo (Phandroid)

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